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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Low cost business opportunity

Something happened in the world in the past three years. While there was this pesky recession going on, the consumers made a radical shift from traditional buying methods to on-line. The consumer turned from simply asking friends who they would use to buy blinds or shutters to asking a much broader group on social media sites. By asking a more expansive group of friends and acquaintances consumers are hoping to “Score Big.” The social sites that appear to me most popular, as you might expect, are Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
As you may recall from "Six Degrees of Separation" (also referred to as the "Human Web"), everyone on the planet is approximately only six steps away of connection from any other person. Therefore, on average, a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in six steps or fewer. The notion of relatively close connectivity was originally devised by Frigyes Karinthy and popularized by the play (Six Degrees of Separation) written by John Guare. That bit of trivia aside, whether it is price or selection, the consumer is hoping to meet the right person for the job. It’s simple human nature at work.
Our job as window covering professionals is ever changing. The demands on our time and the constant worry of where the next customer is coming from can be overwhelming at times. The question we keep asking ourselves is, "How can I keep up with all this change?"
It used to be that we could easily obtain 20 customers from a single marketing tactic. Today, we're lucky to find 20 new customers by employing 20 different tactics! It's a challenge, at best.
In most communities, the day of relying on the good ole "Yellow Pages" is dead and nearly wiped out in the remaining regions. In San Francisco, they are working on a new law that would require each residence to “Request” the Yellow Pages. Soon, the days of Yellow Pages being dropped off at our doors will be a distant memory. Many phone companies are getting waivers from the Feds to cease printing the white pages - and in Europe, special events are being held just to toss out their Yellow Pages!
Long story short, I think it's time for us to spread our collective wings and find new, relevant ways to attract clients. The good news: customers remain who demand window coverings! Solution: meet them where they want to be met.
In the past year I have expanded into Social Media - and I am excited to tell you, it’s working! I have expanded my web presence and guess what? It’s working. I have produced over 40 videos and you know what? It works! I have written dozens of articles - they too work. I have set up mobile media and it works. I have established an Adwords campaign - it works! I also set up a huge referral system with local business - yes, it works too!
The goal is to “Dominate” your local web presence. Each one of these tactics feed off one another. Similar to spokes on wheel, they all work together. On their own, it's utter failure. But once you have them working together in harmony, you're running the down road towards success.
Tomorrow will bring even more changes and new platforms that the consumer will eventually embrace. Our challenge then, is to find the best possible approach to participate in these changes - that is, if we have our hopes focused on succeeding. Preparing for this ever shifting future is the best and only way to succeed.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home Business Ideas

Home Business Ideas
Here is a list of common small business with an estimated hourly earning rate cost to startup and the degree of difficulty.
Window washers earn $50 per hour. Startup under $2K easy to learn easy work
Mini blind cleaners earn $75 per hour. Startup under $5K easy to learn easy work
Window covering installers earn over $100 per hour. Startup under $5K easy to learn
Carpet Cleaners $75 per hour, Startup $25K easy to learn, hard work
Cleaning service $22 per hour, Startup under $2K easy to learn, hard work
Auto detailers $55 per hour, Startup $5K easy to learn, very hard work
Computer tech $125 per hour. Startup $5K 4 years college easy work
Window tinters $65 per hour, Startup $5K easy to learn easy work
House painters $25 per hour Startup $10K easy to learn hard work
Graphic Artist $25 per hour startup $10K 2 years college, easy work
Electrical contractor $125 per hour, Startup $25K apprenticeship hard work
Mason $25 per hour. Startup $5K apprenticeship very hard work
Software consultant $125 per hour, Startup $5K some school very easy work
As you can see from this list the hourly wage is all over the board and the skill set is very diverse. If you’re looking to start a small business either for “extra cash” or for a career change please seek advice from professionals. If you decide you want to start a window washing business, start looking for information of getting stated. Go to YouTube and look for videos on how to start a window washing business, you’ll be surprised how easy to get the info is. Join window washing forms on line, call window washers and interview them on how they stated, tips to getting the phone to ring and how much they earn. Then put a business plan together and get started.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Work from Home Ideas

Looking for home based business ideas?
Are you looking for a Work at Home or a Home based business plan? I have a few for you and I’ll show you the simple process I go through to come up with new business ideas. The following idea combines internet home business and unique home based business ideas.
I’m a bit of a car guy. I attend car shows and auto swap meets with a few friends and I like to nose about. Most of my fellow car guys are teachers on limited budgets. So I like to listen to car guys and why they do what they do to their cars. So I listen, learn and dream. I was at a car show for The Cure a few weeks ago and saw thousands of cars and tens of thousands of people. There is no reason for many cars to be built other than that car has a place in the owner’s heart. Why would someone invest $75K in a 1986 station wagon? So that question got me to thinking. If someone would spend $75K on a station wagon, why would they not spend $200 on a photography session or $300 on a video secession or pay me to post their car on EBAY right there at the show? The idea started to take shape in my head, and I started to visualize myself doing just that!
At many of these auto swap meets shows you’ll see over 1000 cars for sale at one time. So I asked myself, ”How can I profit from my knowledge of the internet and my love of cars? Simple, how about an on-site business at the swap meet offering to photograph, write and post your car or parts on EBAY? So I called my buddy, who’s also one of my fellow car geeks and a teacher and an EBAY expert to see if this idea has legs. (It does.)
Let’s analyze what I did. I have 2 very similar businesses for 2 different markets all wrapped up in one idea. I looked around for a low cost idea that was not being marketed to car guys, asked myself some key questions to determine how I can do this, and reached out to others who were experts in areas I am not. TIP: If I can explain my idea to my wife and she likes it, I usually go for it. God gave women better intuition than men.
Now let’s look at what skills and hardware I’ll need to pull this off. I’ll need a video camera. No problem, the Kodiak Zi8 is under $200 and perfect for what I need. A simple $200 green screen and Sony Vegas video editing software at $50 is all I’ll need to get started. Plus a Cannon Rebel is prefect for the photos. My HP laptop with an air card from Verizon is all I’ll need to get on the internet at the car shows and it is perfect for editing the videos on-site. It should take less than 1 hour per car to shoot the video and edit and about 30 minutes to photograph and put the car or parts on EBAY. I’ll need some really nice post cards, so I’ll go on line and choose some preprinted cards with my own business message, and I’ll rent a booth for $100 at the shows. I’ll use my cell number so owners can contact me at the show to sign up. I’ll pass the cards out to the car owners, and I’ll recruit my EBAY expert friend and offer him some ownership or a fee to take care of the technical stuff at the show. Oh sure, there are many other items to put on my list to get ready, but the point is to let you see the process it takes from idea to inception.
If the crowds look like they are responding positively to my new business, then next week I’ll improve my systems to make it faster, more profitable, and duplicable.
The dirty little secret is I can learn to use the cameras and software for free on You Tube. There are thousands of videos on these subjects.
It doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. Just try it, and see what you come up with. It doesn’t matter what business you start, just do it. Stop making excuses and just do it. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you fail? So what, you’ll try something else. The key is to ask the right questions and implement. Take action today. If you want to steal my idea, go right ahead. I have many more where those came from. I keep a word doc with all my ideas. Ask me about my funeral consultant idea or my Franchise tracker idea or my idea for ?????????? Just keep thinking.

Steve Dale is the founder of Exseed Marketing, Blind Brokers Network, Blind Butler, Advanced Window Tint, decovan Window Fashions, and several other companies. Steve can be contacted at

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to write a business plan made simple

Looking for an easy and fast way to write a business plan? Here is a “One Page Business Plan”
Over the past 25 years I have started and sold several different service companies. I’ve franchised 2 different companies and I’ve built 3 different business opportunities. I’ve also set up over 2000 people in their own business, I’ve written dozens of business plans and I’ve consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs. I’ve read hundreds of books on marketing and I’m even begun the process to write my own marketing book. This short one page business plan has served me well. Over the years I have developed and refined ways to write business plans including this is a one page business plan. I don’t remember where I first saw this however I have saved it and like using it. I have made several modifications to it over the years, to make it simpler and more streamline.
Vision = Graphically describes the Business.
Describe what this business will look like in 3, 5 or 10 years. Include geographical scope, type of business, product & service offering, description of customers and what the business is passionate about.
Mission = Purpose: Why this business exists from the CUSTOMER’S point of view.
Describe why this business exists in one sentence or less.
Objectives = Measurable Results
List four to eight goals that this business must achieve to be successful.
Strategies = Define how business will be built and managed.
Describe five to eight things this business must do extremely well over time to be successful.
Plans = Work or Tasks to be completed.
What are the 6-8 specific business building or infrastructure projects this business must successfully complete to implement the strategies listed above.
I like to see business plans that are short and simple. I have yet to ever end up where I thought I would end up in any business. What will happen, if you keep your eyes open you’ll teach yourself to look for new niche markets, new systems, new ideas and new visions for new business opportunities. My advice is to “Always keep your eyes, ears and mind open for new ideas”.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Avoid the Business Opportunity, MLM, Network Marketing Rip-off.

Avoid the Business Opportunity, MLM, Network Marketing Rip-off.
We’ve all seen and heard the Get Rich by tomorrow afternoon pitch. Is it true? Can I really get rich by tomorrow afternoon? I look at hundreds of business opportunities offerings every year. I review MLM, Direct Marketing and Franchisees nearly every day. Let me give you an insider’s view.
Who am I? Steve Dale a expert in Business opportunities, and franchisees. I have set up over 2000 people in their own business. I’ve been doing this biz op thing since 1992. Here’s the bottom line:
MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Selling:
I have met several MLM millionaires or at least they said they were. I have even attended MLM legal forms with the biggest names in the industry. The successful ones don’t care what the product is. They use the same recruiting system to build a few different groups at a time. Why do they do this? Because so many MLM companies go out of business overnight and leave thousands of hungry dealers hanging. So the pros develop 2-3 groups in different categories at the same time. I met a wealthy gal who sold travel with one and diet chocolate with another, and earned millions from each. She also earned big money telling other Millionaire Wantabees how she did it.
If you wanted to get rich very fast start a MLM in the fast growth categories. This week its jungle juice drinks. When introducing a new product you could do it a few different ways. You could invest millions in buying shelf space, inventory, hiring sales crews and a good marketing plan and you might have a shot at success. Or you could convince a bunch of people that they can get rich selling your product and they pay you to get started! MLM cost very little to start up.
Yes, there’s big money in MLM if you’re a recruiting expert and a charismatic person. I’ve been in an office on a Monday morning at a travel MLM and they were opening the hundreds of $35 and $80 checks from the past weekends promo events. I’ve also been told that one very popular MLM founder has a $400 million dollar investment fund from selling his products.
How about starting a real business?
On the next blog I’ll talk about how to spot a good Biz op and after that we’ll talk about the Franchise rip off.

Steve Dale is the founder of : The Dale Group DBA
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Is Hunter Douglas Nuts?

Is Hunter Douglas Nuts?
It does seem odd that a Window Covering company would stop all internet sales. I could list hundreds of products and I don’t think I have ever heard a consumer products company stopping the sale of their products from the internet. Loads of products require dealers to measure and install their products. Everything from built in refrigerators to dishwashers. However they don’t ban their products from being sold on the web. Does Hunter Douglas think consumers will drive out of their way to go to Hunter Douglas authorized dealers to shop? Not likely, How do I know? I sold blinds and shutters to 2 separate customers last week who did travel to a Hunter Douglas Store and found the prices to be outrageously high. I sold one customer shutters for less than Hunter Douglas wanted for some cell shades. I say,” Good job Hunter Douglas”. Your decision is making me look Great! Perhaps next month you can ban your dealers from advertising on the internet? In the interest of full disclosure we have not sold Hunter Douglas products for several years. When we stopped carrying their products our closing rate increased, our profits increased and our product line increased. I see no downside by not carrying Hunter Douglas.
Steve Dale

Monday, May 3, 2010

The simple fact is Blinds are a $5Billion Dollar industry. Anyone can get started selling blinds and shutters of all types. There are no special skills needed. All you need is some samples and advertising materials and you’re in business. At Blind Brokers Network we are experts in low cost window fashions business start ups. Our products are designed to give you a competitive advantage.

Our simple started kit will allow you to start selling custom blinds and shutters immediately. We’ll provide all the samples, advertising materials and training DVD’s. Anyone can get started in the window covering business.

Our $1495 sample kit includes: Out new YouTube channel has everything you need to help you decide if the Blind and Shutter business is for you. Check it out.

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